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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Kody Light works on my bike rack?
    Custom Kody Rack Lights are designed specifically to mount and cleanly integrate onto specific brands of bike racks. We currently have a portfolio of custom lights for the Thule Pro, Thule Classic, Thule EasyFold, Kuat NV 1.0 and 2.0, and 1Up, 1Up Equip-D, RockyMounts MonoRail and GuideRail, QuikR Mach2, Hollywood (Sport Rider, Trail Rider, Destination and RV Rider) and Yakima HoldUp EVO. If you own one of these racks, purchasing a custom Kody Light is your best option. We also have universal lights, both rigid and flexible. The Rigid Universal Rack Light is designed to mount to any rack, bike or other device on the back of your vehicle. It uses either Voile straps for a temporary flex fit for easy install and removal or 2" U-bolts for a sturdy and rigid fit. The Flex Universal Rack Light is smaller and lighter and designed for installation using the Voile Straps. If you need a custom light for your rack please send us a message and let us know. We're working on the next set of custom lights and would love to hear your input.
  • How does the Single Sequential 16" light work and what are it's functions?
    The light connects to a standard 4-pin trailer connection and can be connected with adapters to 7-pin and other connection types. It works just like a trailer light to display tail lights, brake light, hazards and sequential turn signals. Watch the YouTube video below to see and understand it's operation. The sequential turn signal lights up the LED sequentially from left to right for a right hand turn and right to left for a left hand turn. Since the turn signals use the same bulbs as the brake lights the brake lights override the turn signal. If you turn on your turn signal it will signal a turn but once you hit the brakes then all lights show the brake indication. This is not a normal issue when changing lanes but when making turns we recommend signally well in advance and then braking normally. The LED lights are super bright! For more info on LED trailer light systems see "How To - LED Trailer Lights"
  • What different types of lights are available at Kody Technologies?
    Kody Technologies offers a variety of lights. Our original light is a Single Rigid Animated 16" wide Sequencing Light. It operates by itself and provides tail, brake and both left and right hand turn signals. Next we have a Double 10" Light which separates the left and right turn signal into two different fixtures. It also provides tail, stop and both left and right hand turn signals. Our newest lights is a Double 16" Light which has three options for left and right hand fixtures; Basic Flashing 16" Light (coming soon), Basic Flashing 16" Light with Built-In Reverse and our original Sequencing 16" Light. Below is an image showing a few of these options as well as one of our reverse lights.
  • Is the light visible and can it be seen when in the up or stored position?
    The light is not 100% visible when the rack is in it's stored position. But as you can see from the image below the light is definitely bright enough to be seen and still communicate your vehicles brake, tail and turn signals. This photo also displays the Thule Pro installation which is the only rack where the light does not stick out the end of the rack. The center beam on this rack blocks the middle of the light.
  • Does Kody Technologies offer any discounts?
    Yes, we do offer discounts to Active Duty and Retired Military, Veterans and Bike Industry professionals. Please reach out and we will help you get your discount.
  • Are Kody lights waterproof?
    Yes, our lights are IP67 rated waterproof, with fully submersible construction and design for total protection from dust intrusion for exceptional all-weather durability.
  • Can I buy this at a local store?
    Yes, you can find and purchase Kody lights at Ken's Bike Ski Board in Davis, CA. We are also fulfilling online orders while working on partnerships with other retail establishments. Please feel free to tell your favorite retail store about Kody Technologies Rack Lights.
  • Rigid and Pivoting Lights: How do they work and what do I need to know?
    We offer both Rigid or Pivoting light options. Some lights are only available as a rigid, some lights are only available as pivoting and some are available in both rigid and pivoting. A rigid light is primarily used with the bike rack in the down position for when bikes are loaded. The light is bright and has some effectiveness in the stored position. If you remove your bike rack when not using it to carry bike then a rigid light might be the best choice for you. The pivot design allows you to adjust the position of the light so it can be used in both the up or stored position as well as the down or bike loaded position. We have two different pivot designs. One uses a friction hinge and does not require any locking mechanism to hold it in place. The hinge has built in friction and holds the light in position. To adjust the light, just push or pull the light into the desired position. We recommend and ship this friction hinge on applications without license plate holders. The biggest concern with this pivot type is if your rack application positions your light above the height of your vehicle. If the light is experiencing direct high speed wind then the license plate can act as a sail and force the hinge to adjust it's own position. The second design uses a mechanical hinge and thumb screw locks. We recommend and ship this design for all applications with license plate holders. To position the light just loosen the clamps, pivot the light into the desired position and tighten the clamps. The thumb screws lock to lights position and hold it in place. It's a little more work but can handle larger loads. If you have questions regarding these pivots please reach out. Also, if you prefer one design over the other please let us know and we can ship your preference.
  • For the Universal Rack Light, what size straps come with it, and what is the largest frame member I can attach it to?
    The Universal Rack Light comes with two 15" long Voile Nylon Buckle Straps. These are, in our opinion, the best straps on the market. They are strong, well tested in the market, and can hold through some of the worst conditions. We will be selling extra straps including longer and shorter versions if you're in need. Check out our stock and order them with your Rack Light so they ship for free!
  • Can I mount the Universal Rack Light in different orientations and locations on my rack?
    Yes, the Universal Rack Light is designed for installation in a variety of creative ways. The light provides left and right-hand turn signal so the orientation to provide these signals correctly. We recommend installing the light centered on the rack or behind your vehicle or load.
  • For the Universal Rack Light, are there any other methods to mount the bracket?
    Yes, the Universal Rack Light comes with 15" Voile straps but any other hook and loop strap or similar attachment method will work. The light also comes with and is designed to mount using 2" u-bolts in a few different orientations. For the Flex Universal Light it comes with 15" Voile straps but also has holes size to fit 1/4" hardware and can be rigidly mount to any surface (1/4" hardware not included).
  • How does the Voile strap work?
    The Voile Straps are constructed of a polyurethane that is exceptionally durable. They're semi-elastic, so you can tighten your load by twisting them. These straps are weather-proof thanks to a UV-resistant component. Voile Straps flourish in harsh conditions, whether hot or cold, wet or dry. These straps offer a natural anti-slip attachment method to keep the light from shifting during transit.
  • Does Kody Technologies ship internationally?
    Yes, we can ship internationally. We will need to coordinate the shipping with you, so please email us directly for international orders.
  • How do I connect the Kody Light to my vehicle?
    Now that you've decided to put a light on your rack to improve safety and protect your ride, you need to make sure you have an electrical connection to power the lights. The Kody Technologies Bike Rack Lights require a standard 4-pin or 7-Blade trailer wiring connection to power and communicate from the vehicle to the lights. Here are some options for installing a trailer connection. ​ Electrical connection on your vehicle: Your vehicle may already be wired and ready to go. Check the back of your vehicle next to your trailer hitch. There are a variety of different connections including 7-blade, 7-pin, 6-pin, 5-pin and 4-pin. These are also referred to as 4 pole instead of 4-pin. Kody lights connect to a flat 4-pin or 7-blade connection. See image below for connection examples. Curt Manufacturing is one of the leading trailer parts manufacturers in the industry. Check out their website for everything you need to know about trailer lights and connections. Check your vehicle and owner's manual, or contact your dealership. ​Do it yourself. Purchase a custom wire harness made specifically for your vehicle from a dealership, auto parts store, or online at places such as Curt or etrailer. Installation is typically very simple with helpful instructions provided on YouTube or from the supplier. Curt Manufacturing is one of the leading trailer parts manufacturers in the industry. Check out their website for everything you need to know about trailer lights and connections. Take your vehicle to a local rack shop, auto shop, or dealership. They can find and install the harness for you. If you have any questions or need help with installation or anything else, please contact us. We will get back to you as soon as possible!
  • How long is the cable on the Kody Light?
    We have three cable lengths available; 5' and 9' and 13'. Short - The 5' or 60" cable runs close to 70" long. This is long enough to connect the light across most four bike racks plus a little slack. We also sell 60" extensions that can be used if needed to cover extra length from hitch extensions or swing out racks. Long - The 9' or 108" cable runs closer to 116" long. This is long enough to route across the entire rack plus hitch extensions and most swing arms with a two bike rack. Super Long - The 13' or 156" cable runs a little longer at about 160" and can handle everything including a large four bike rack with a large pivot. It's best to measure your set up from where the light is installed to the connection on your vehicle to determine which cable length will fit.
  • Can you tell me more about the reverse lights?
    The Kody Tech reverse light synchronizes with your vehicles existing reverse lights. It requires a seven blade trailer connection to obtain the reverse light signal. We have two reverse light options; an add on reverse light and a built in reverse light. Both reverse options are super bright to light up the space behind you and are excellent at communicating that you're in reverse and need the space cleared. The built in reverse light is only available on the Double 16" Lights. The reverse is built into and centered on the main brake/tail/turn light. Both of the double lights will include the reverse light. The add on reverse lights are available on all pivoting lights. This light is a separate light fixture mounted to the main light bracket and wired into the seven blade cable.
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