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About Kody Technologies

Our Story

Founded by Michelle and John Shinstock, Kody Technologies develops tail light systems for bike racks and other cargo devices that block a vehicle's existing tail lights. As avid bikers and outdoor enthusiasts⏤and with a family of five bikers⏤the Shinstock family noticed their signal lights were always blocked by bikes and gear,  prompting safety concerns for both their family members and their equipment. 

Finding no quality product available on the market, John and Michelle first built bike rack lights for their own vehicles and racks several years ago. As the years passed, they continued to see no market solution to the dangers of blocked vehicle lights. Friends and strangers regularly asked them where to purchase their rack lights...and a business was born.  

Kody Technologies offers high-quality, rugged rack lights that amplify user visibility and promote safety. 

If you have any questions or comments, please contact us!

Michelle Shinstock mountain biking near Fruita Colorado.  She's smiling with a pink helmet and sunglasses.  In the background are red and orange mountains and green shrubs of a desert trail.

Michelle has been a clinical dietitian for over 20 years, practicing in both Acute Care and Dialysis. Her work love is nutrition support for critically ill and trauma patients. She is a proud Air Force ‘brat’ having moved five times across two countries before the age of 17. Michelle enjoys road and mountain biking, weightlifting, hiking, traveling and playing with dogs. Most of her ‘off time’ is spent supporting her three daughters’ sporting adventures in competitive swim (GO DART!) and mountain bike racing (GO DCMTB!).

John is a manufacturing engineer who has worked in a variety of industries including automotive, subsea robotics and building products. He's learned the best place to gain understanding is by going, seeing and doing for yourself, and has modeled this approach into his lifestyle. 

John loves traveling, camping, beer, hiking and biking. He grew up in Northern California and loves exploring the diverse state. California provides easy access to the ocean, valleys, mountains and forests!  John is an assistant coach on the Davis Composite Mountain Bike team and enjoys sharing his love for bikes with his children and the team. 

John Shinstock standing on a large rock during a mounting biking trip to South Lake Taho.  In the background is Lake Tahoe and a wide spread mountain range and forests.
Kody, a big black dog, whom the company is names, standing in front of Crater Lake.  He's on aa leash and wearing a red bandana.

We adopted Kody from a local SPCA.  He was an amazing member of our family and an older brother to our three daughters; Nicole, Emily and Amelia.  Kody was a gentleman.  This photo is from one of his last adventures with us at Crater Lake.  Like all dogs, he was always just happy being with his people.  

Our Values

We're building and selling products that enhances safety on the roads.   We believe in open communication in all aspects of our lives and especially when it comes to safety.  We learn to understand risks as well as see potential risk and then openly communicate all concerns so they can be effectively mitigated.   

We believe in honesty, clear and open communication and always doing the right thing.  

We cherish our environment and love spending time in the outdoors.  We do our part to ensure it will be here when our children's children wish to enjoy it.  We're still very small but here's a couple actions we're taking to protect it.  
  • We reuse every bit of packaging.  All packaging we receive, whether business or personal, we store and use to package and protect the products we ship.  This includes twist ties, plastic bags and packing materials.  
  • We focus on energy and resource conservation by using energy efficient lights, low flow faucets and solar powering the factory. 

We do our very best in every aspect of our business and personal lives.  You can expect only the highest quality customer service from our team.  

We give back to our community as they made us who we are.   
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