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Trailer Light Connections

Installing Trailer Wiring on Your Vehicle

Now that you've decided to put a light on your rack to improve safety and protect your ride, you need to make sure you have an electrical connection to power the lights. The Kody Technologies Bike Rack Lights require a 4-pin trailer wiring connection to power and communicate from the vehicle to the lights.  Here are some options for installing a trailer connection.

Electrical connection on your vehicle:

  • Your vehicle may already be wired and ready to go.  Check the back of your vehicle next to your trailer hitch. 

    • There are a variety of different connections including 7-pin, 6-pin, 5-pin and 4-pin.  These are also referred to as 4 pole instead of 4-pin. 

    • Kody lights connect to a flat 4-pin connection.  

    • See image below for connection examples.  

    • Curt Manufacturing is one of the leading trailer parts manufacturers in the industry.  Check out their website for everything you need to know about trailer lights and connections.  

    • Check your vehicle and owner's manual, or contact your dealership.

Trailer Connector Plug Types - This is a diagram showing the different wiring and connection types used for trailers.
Thule T2 Pro bike rack installed on a Toyota Sienna minivan during sunset with a beautiful sky above.  The brake lights are one and shining very bright.
  • Do it yourself. Purchase a custom wire harness made specifically for your vehicle from a dealership, auto parts store, or online at places such as Curt or etrailer. Installation is typically very simple with helpful instructions provided on YouTube or from the supplier.

  • Take your vehicle to a local rack shop, auto shop, or dealership. They can find and install the harness for you.

If you have any questions or need help with installation or anything else, please contact us. We will get back to you as soon as possible!

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