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Black Audi with Kody Technologies Kuat bike rack with lights, holding two mountain bikes on the beach at sunset.


Rack lights designed for safety and protecting what you love. 

Bike Rack Lights - Cleanly integrated onto your bike rack and simple installation.

Kody Technologies logo in dark blue with grey background with the title Bike Rack Lights below.
Kody Technologies bike rack light holding two mountain bikes.  Zoomed in with beach background.
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  • Ensure Your Safety

  • Eliminate Your Worry  

  • Reduce Your Accident Potential

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Kody Technologies bike rack lights installed on a Kuat NV 2.0.  Images is dark with the light lit up and standing out brightly.

Super Bright LED Lights

The brightest rack lights on the market. Communicates highly visible, tail, brake and sequential turn signals.  Signals are clearly visible and always seen.

Safe Drives to the Trail and More

Drive everywhere rest assured of your safety and visibility in any weather conditions or time of day.  Excellent peace of mind!

Excellence - Designed and Built in the USA

Machined in Michigan and Nevada. Coated and assembled in California.  

Sleek and Robust Engineering

Heavy duty 11 gauge steel with a tough and durable semi gloss powder coat.  Designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing bike rack. 

More About the Lights

Kody lights are the brightest and most durable on the market providing peace of mind when using your bike rack.  The rugged, highly visible Kody Technologies 16-inch LED Rack Light creates eye-catching tail, brake, and turn signals. The light integrates cleanly on your rack and uses a standard 4-pin trailer connector for easy installation.


Kody Bike Rack Lights are designed specifically for your bike rack.  We also offer universal designs to mount on any other bike rack or other hitch products.  

Kody Bike Rack Lights Designed Specific for;

  • Kuat NV 1.0 and 1.0 Base and 2.0  and 2.0 Base Bike Racks

  • Kuat Piston Bike Rack

  • Thule T2 Pro (XT and XTR) Bike Rack

  • Thule T2 Classic Bike Rack

  • Thule Easyfold Bike Rack

  • 1Up Quik Rack, Super Duty, Heavy Duty, XTreme Duty, and Equip-D Bike Racks

  • QuikR Stuff Mach2 Bike Rack

  • Hollywood Sport Rider (HR1000Z, HR1450Z-R, HR1500, HR1560) and RV Rider (HR1700) Bike Racks

  • Hollywood Destination E-Bike Rack (HR4500)

  • RockyMounts BackStage, HighNoon FC and MonoRail Bike Racks

  • Swagman E-Spec, Quad 2+2, Semi 2.0 and 4.0, Current, Dispatch, Escapee and Chinook Bike Racks

  • Saris SuperClamp Bike Rack

  • Yakima HoldUp EVO Bike Rack

Kody Universal Bike Rack Lights include;

  • Flex Universal Bike Rack Light

    • Mounts using 15" Voile Straps for easy installation and removal and it can be attached to almost anything.  It's also our smallest and lightest universal option and comes in white or black powder coat.  This light also include 1/4" mount holes so it can be easily mounted directly onto any surface with 1/4" hardware.  ​

  • U-Bolt Universal Bike Rack Light

    • Mounts using 2" U-Bolts to any square or similar tubing measuring 2" or less.  ​

    • We're developing a Super version of this which will mount to larger size beams

  • The Original Universal which mounts using either straps or 2" U-Bolts.  

Kody Plate Holders and Plate Lights are a great addition to your Kody Bike Rack Light.  They mount directly to the tail light and wire to the main light power connection (when purchased together).  The plate holders also come with M6 Phillip head screws and M6 thumb screws as options for mounting your license plate light.  The license plate light will light up when the tail or running lights are illuminated.  

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